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Cardinal Wings Training Programs

  • Private Pilot Course

    The Private Pilot certificate enables you to fly with passengers, but not for hire. Many people perceive learning to fly as difficult, but with one of our experienced instructors along with a structured syllabus, we can train anyone to live their dream of flying. LEARN MORE

  • Instrument Rating Course

    An instrument rating is one of the more difficult training courses because it demands a higher workload and precise aircraft control with references solely by instrumentation. LEARN MORE

  • Commercial Pilot Course

    This is the first step towards a career in aviation. The commercial certificate enables the pilot to be paid or compensated while working for a commercial operator. LEARN MORE

  • CFI - CFII Course

    This course allows you to teach people to fly and log hours, all while getting paid to have fun flying. Flight instructor courses require a lot of self-study and ground to learn the basics of teaching and learning theory. LEARN MORE

  • Career Pilot Course

    This course is intended for those with zero time with aspirations of becoming a professional pilot. This is a standard course designed for FAA minimums, but goes above and beyond. LEARN MORE

  • ATP Course

    This course is intended for those wanting to achieve their ATP Certificate. This is a standard course based on 10 hours for multi-engine and 5 hours for single-engine. LEARN MORE

  • Cirrus Transition Training

    Cardinal Wings is a Cirrus Standardized Training Center. As such, the training you will receive here is identical to the training you can receive at the Cirrus Design factory in Duluth Minnesota. LEARN MORE