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Advanced Autorotation Training

Advanced Autorotation TrainingWe are only as good as our most current training.

Here at Cardinal Wings we teach real world scenarios so that your mind will be equipped from all angles. Some of the things we teach are: power management, entry, and different approaches needed to get into a spot if an emergency arises. Also, we want everyone to know about operating in the mountain environment with high Density Altitude. It is an open discussion to always answer questions or talk about different scenarios that may come to mind.

Advanced Autorotation Training Includes:

  • 5 hour of Dual Flight Time
    – Zero speed
    – Turns
    – Confined Area
    – Energy Management
  • 1 Hour Ground Training

Estimated Total Cost in:

  • Robinson 22: $2,100
  • Robinson 44: $4,000

*Note: All Training Costs may vary on Dedication and Commitment of the Student.