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In flight training, we will certainly spend most of your training experience in the airplane learning how to operate this unique craft in an environment that has, for the most part, escaped the clutches of earth’s gravity that enslave most other forms of transportation. And what a great time we will have. Every takeoff is an exhilarating experience into conditions that are never exactly the same. Learning to fly is, at times, a task intensive feat that can be very complex. And as complex as it may be, there are many scenarios that you could encounter in your aviation endeavors after your formal training is complete which are difficult if not impossible for even the best instructor to orchestrate in the airplane. The incorporation of a flight simulator enables the instructor to structure scenarios to introduce new concepts and skills or build elements of a multifaceted complex task in a controlled, safe environment.

Whether you are new to aviation and seeking a Private Pilot License, a private pilot seeking an Instrument Rating, an individual seeking to become a Flight Instructor or maybe you just want to practice instrument approaches while trying to digest all that a technologically advanced panel has to offer, flight simulation can be very beneficial for many reasons at a cost effective alternative to flying the airplane itself.

Advantages of Flight Simulation

  1. Weather is never a factor.
  2. Safe controlled environment.
  3. Efficient and cost effective.
  4. Multiple airplane types.
  5. Traditional gage panel.
  6. Technologically advanced airplane panel.
  7. Stop motion mid-flight for discussion.
  8. Practice instrument approaches in multiple weather environments at any airport in continental U.S.


Enables logging of private and instrument training as well as instrument currency. But its use is not restricted to these items, the TouchTrainer can be used to hone normal and emergency procedures, your knowledge of your aircraft and perform realistic mission rehearsal with live air traffic control from Pilot Edge and practice using your Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) as you would in the aircraft.

Pictures will be coming soon!