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Cardinal Wings Aviation is a well-known name around Kentucky, that dates back several years. Our flight school is based in Louisville, KY and training is done at Bowman Field (KLOU).  Cardinal Wings Aviation has re-emerged with new ownership and new technologically advanced aircraft. Our fleet includes a single engine Cessna, a multi engine Piper Seminole and a state of the art Cirrus aircraft, featuring the Avidyne EX5000 PFD and MFD or “glass cockpit.” The glass cockpit is the future of both general and commercial aviation. We are certified to train new and existing pilots looking to transition to the Cirrus for rental or taking ownership of one of these magnificent airplanes. Cirrus is one of the only production aircraft in the world that incorporates the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System. In the event of a worst-case senario, activation of this system deploys the parachute that will carry the entire aircraft safely to the ground.  Cardinal Wings was also designated by the FAA as a ADS-B test bed for their Louisville, KY location.  This is the same equipment used by UPS and Cardinal Wings is the only flight school in Kentucky with this equipment.  It includes a Garmin 430 GPS with WAAS capability, a Garmin GMX-200 Multi Function Display with Traffic, Weather and Terrain, and a datalink that communicates with Air Traffic Control facilities and other aircraft in the air.  This technology is the future for aviation airspace and will be required in all aircraft within the next 5-10 years.

For those looking to experience the thrill of becoming a pilot as a career or a hobby, we offer all courses in aviation including, private, instrument, commercial, multi-engine, certificated flight instructor and Airline Transport Pilot. Check out our Career Pilot Course for ground and flight training designed to take you from zero time to a professional pilot with the airlines or corporate.  Unlike other schools in the area, we abide by a detailed syllabus which includes a student package designed to get the student from zero time to pilot certification in the lowest time and most efficient way possible. Students will be trained and evaluated by two of our most experienced instructors, whom have thousands of hours flying professionally and instructing in all-weather situations in both jets and propeller airplanes. Upon completion of training, those interested in a career in aviation can work as a Cardinal Wings CFI and have access to future corporate jobs with some of our affiliates. If you are looking for the best flight training and aircraft rental that Louisville, KY has to offer, come visit us at Cardinal Wings Aviation.




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